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Privacy Agreement 

Roles and Responsibilities

Submitting Candidates to ConocoPhillips through Staffing Express

As a condition for providing recruiting services for ConocoPhillips, our search firm agrees to comply with the following roles and responsibilities. Our search firm understands that these procedures and requirements may change from time to time and may be in addition to contractual terms and conditions to which our firm has previously agreed.  We warrant to comply with all applicable country legislation and the provisions set out in the service agreement entered into with ConocoPhillips.

1. We will refer candidates to ConocoPhillips only for specific positions for which a requisition has been assigned and only provide candidates that meet all basic requirements of the request. We will provide ConocoPhillips with well-qualified, pre-screened, suitable and motivated candidates to fill positions specifically requested by ConocoPhillips. We shall perform a thorough evaluation of potential candidates, including personal interviews, verification of credentials and assessment of the individual’s competencies with respect to the position being filled. We will furnish ConocoPhillips with copies of written information/evaluation data developed during the candidate assessment process prior to the establishment of any interviews between ConocoPhillips and the candidate. 

2. When we enter information into Staffing Express for a candidate referral, we understand the candidate must access Staffing Express to personally validate the information and to complete required pre-screening questions.

3. When requested, we will assist ConocoPhillips with checking of personal references provided to ConocoPhillips by candidates prior to final candidate selection.

4. When referring employment candidates for ConocoPhillips consideration, we will provide a diverse slate of qualified applicants.

5. We will submit no more than 5 candidates who meet the basic qualifications of the job description, unless otherwise indicated by ConocoPhillips, which may include being legally authorized to work in the country in which the position is located.

6. ConocoPhillips has its own recruiting program for students enrolled in undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate programs at selected institutions throughout the country. We will not submit resumes of individuals who are students at any school, college or university at which ConocoPhillips conducts campus recruiting programs unless approved in writing by ConocoPhillips.

7. We will immediately inform ConocoPhillips of any candidate (for any position placed with our firm) who is a former employee of Conoco Inc., Phillips Petroleum Company, Tosco, Burlington Resources, ConocoPhillips, or any affiliate or subsidiary of any of these named entities.

8. This requirement applies only to positions being staffed in the United States.  At the completion of each search, we will provide ConocoPhillips with the applicant flow log of those applicants that meet the basic requirements of the position. At a minimum, this information should include applicant's name, race, gender, date of application and position title.